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15735 Dakota Shores Drive

Long Lake, Park Rapids

Imagine…you find your dream lot. You & your spouse spend 20 years dreaming and designing your Perfect Cabin. You scour the world for the best materials and buy many of them well before you ever build. You have 2 individuals build you a beach house and then a structure in which you can live while building your ultimate cabin, and when they prove to be impressive craftsman, you put them on your payroll for 3 ½ yrs to construct the home of your dreams. You take your time, settling for nothing less than perfection. You stain and varnish every interior piece of wood yourself. You painstakingly lay every single floor tile yourself to maximize it’s ultimate design. You drive 400 antlers out to a remote part of Montana in order to have a gifted artist custom-build 15 antler chandeliers for you. And you hand select an assortment of different species of wood to give your dream cabin a one in a million feel. If you did all that, this is the cabin you’d get. An awe-inspiring masterpiece.

For a ton of additional resources, including 3D "Dollhouse" tours, an Aerial Video and several video interviews with the Owner/Builder talking about aspects of this home, click


SOLD back of Dakota Shores Dr photo PROJ
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